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die cut craft by Sizzix
Sizzix gives you so many endless craft possibilities. great for Crafts, Scrapbooking, Decorate Gifts, etc! Baby Carriage here.

Die cutting is a popular process used by crafters in the arts and crafts industry that allows them to cut
out multiple numbers of the same shape from paper and fabric.  The die cutting process involves a “die”
which looks like a cartridge with a shape in it. The shape in the die has sharp edges. The die is placed on
top of multiple pieces of paper or fabric, and everything is sandwiched into a die cutting machine and is
then run through it which puts pressure on the shape to cut into the multiple pieces of paper or fabric.
The leading manufacturer of die cutting machines, dies and die cutting accessories is Sizzix.

Launched in 2001, Sizzix is the wholly-owned brand of Ellison Education Equipment Inc. Ellison Education Equipment  Inc. and is the pioneer of die cutting machines for the education consumer marketplace, having created
and introduced die cutting machines into the education marketplace because of the needs of teachers
to cut a large number of the same shapes and alphabets.
Many different Sizzix machines are available, in affordable price ranges, from beginner to advanced.

Leveraging Ellison Education Equipment’s 35 years of die cutting, technology, and manufacturing expertise, Sizzix has created a portfolio of die cutting machines that meet the diverse needs of crafters – from entry level to the more advanced crafter. Sizzix’s die cutting machine portfolio includes both manual and electronic die cutting machines.
This Sizzix die cut is part of the Embossing line.

Sizzix die cutting machines not only cut paper and fabric, but also can emboss and texturize paper, fabric
and jewelry. Sizzix continues to grow its line of dies and die cutting accessories so that consumers can
create custom scrapbooks, holiday and birthday cards, party favors, place settings, jewelry, and any
other imaginative projects that use paper and fabric as core design components.

I own the Tim Holtz Vagabond Machine and am very pleased.