Darlin Jewelry Handmade Leather Cuff Bracelets Bling on Etsy

cuff bracelet
Cuff Bracelet on Etsy in DarlinJewelry shop! Approximately $32 in US currency.
I think that Pongsapak's got it going on, straight from Bangkok, Thailand!  This is the best Etsy shop when it comes to funky cuff bracelets with bling!  The shop is called DarlinJewelry and she has an awesome way of making these one of a kind funky LEATHER cuff bracelets.

cuff braclet rocker goth
Awesome cuff bracelets are trendy and hip.
Just as her designs on leather are creative, so is her marketing abilities. Check out the Darlin Carnival in her shop! One of a kind leather bracelets are blinged out on cute carnival type backgrounds! 

cuff braclet
Darlin Carnival!   
Leather Cuff Bracelets
The designer offers this leather cuff, complete with vintage enamel horse adornment for about $50 US dollars. 

Darlinjewelry focuses on the combination of leather and jewelry. The bracelets are made from good quality leather such as sheep and cow leather.  In term of jewelry, we arrange, glue and sew them by hand. So you get one of a kind bracelets, each one unique.

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