Ask the Universe For Help Business Advice

tabo bell hell iramency
Are my eyes deceiving me, or is this what I am supposed to see?
Ever asked God or the Universe for help? Have you begged for help or a sign?  The problem is, not many of us realize that every day we are given the answers we seek.   Sometimes, the signs are so clear, we refuse to see them.  This applies not only to your business decisions, but your personal life as well.

Signs are everywhere.

I often wonder when we beg for help, if these answers we shall receive are those are which we already know. Maybe we just don't want to hear them, as we fear the answers, so we seek a second opinion.  Is this just a ruse to see if someone else will answer us differently, or just to cling onto the hope that they will?

Don't let your inner fears get in the way of that which you want to do.

Perhaps the very guidance and strength we need we slowly pull from deep within, from a place inside we didn't know that we could.  That place is inside all of us.  Often it is just our inner fear, doubt, heartbreak or grief that overcomes us where we think we can't do it.  Sure we can.

Drink this it's good for ya , or at least that guy will look a lot cuter right?

I do believe that which does not kill us DOES indeed make us stronger. Accept the signs and move forward.   Even if you don't want to see them, look closely, they are there.