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Menopause Coach Lorraine Palmer
Imagine having someone as a menopause coach!
Recently I was trying to have a baby with no luck. Then I figured out at 39, I may be going through menopause. I was forgetting everything. I mean simple things, like where I just laid down my keys. What I was doing, and work I was supposed to have finished.  That's so unlike me. Then came the hot flashes, mood swings and bouts of depression.  As an artist this really messes with my creativity. I noticed having spells of raging hormones. This is  a very confusing time for any woman. There's no one I know going through this to talk to, and everyone's symptoms can be a bit different. I was so glad to find this site 

Basically this is Lorraine Palmer's site, a real person who gives you Menopause Support . Her site makes you feel normal again, and understand why you are going through these crazy symptoms.  Lorraine is considered a Menopause Coach who has created a six step program that takes a holistic approach to supporting women through this (sometimes) difficult time.

Her program demonstrates what women can implement straight away during their menopause to feel better now!

Not only does her program take into account menopause symptoms but also social, spiritual and emotional needs. Working with her will take you from procrastination or insecurity to embracing life to the max!

Lorraine says, "Research I have conducted tells me that women feel lonely, they want easy to understand information, to ‘get’ what is going on with their bodies and how they can manage their menopause.I am here to help with all this. You can make a start now by visiting my website and requesting my free eBook."

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