Cool iphone Cases on Etsy IPhone4Design

cool art iphone case
This cool iphone case is on Etsy, and is only $16.99
Rebecca over at IPhone4Design  on Etsy has designed some super cool iphone cases. Her designs use the method of sublimation, which uses extreme heat to permanently fuse your image to each iphone case. This not only results in a beautifully vibrant image but also a waterproof, scratch resistant cover that will last for the life of your phone.  They have all kinds of unique iphone cases for the iphone4's. 

Here are a few of my faves:

iphone case on etsy
This artsy Louis Vuitton iphone case is only $16.99 here on Etsy.

Did I mention that the phone cases are scratch resistant, and withstand a lot of abuse thanks to the heat process they use when making them.  Here is my all time favorite, taken off a Marilyn Monroe quote:
art iphone cover

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