Business Essentials An Ira Mency Guide to Success

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From small business to large business there's a few things you'll need to keep your business on track.  I get asked all the time about my essentials business, or business advice. Here is my sage advice broken down into a 5 item cheat sheet guide to success. 

1.  Dedication

You have to be dedicated to your business or your career. Often this means doing all that needs to be done with no exceptions. Sometimes this can be overwhelming or cramp your style--missed dinners, late nights at the office, missing time with the kids due to an overwhelming boss. You do want that promotion don't you? It's about sacrifices. Some people aren't willing to make them, and that's okay- I don't blame you. All I'm saying is those who do reap the rewards and benefits.  New endeavors and start up businesses will take over your life, if you let them. Invest in your business 150% and you are more likely to get something out of it.  Whatever it may be, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your business be.  Stay dedicated and you will make it to the nine to five shift.  Over time you will find ways to do things better, faster, and quicker, but in the beginning you must be ready to take the plunge.

2. Organization

Let's face it, sometimes this is hard to do. When you are overwhelmed with work, you may just shuffle items on your desk from one pile to another. (Been there, done that.)  This of course is not really the best case scenario and just the thought of glaring piles of chaos looking at you may really may make you more unproductive.  Get an assistant, find an organization plan that works for you. Whatever it may be, you must tackle the mountain one step at a time. Perhaps an outside opinion on organization will suprise you. Small shortcuts may save you hours. Something you overlooked may be glaringly visible to someone on the outside looking in. Take the advice and try different things until they work and work well.  Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks, and don't be too hard on yourself. Some days will allow you to accomplish more than you anticipated, seize these days to take that special coffee break to re-energize your mind. Then catch up on things you won't finish tomorrow.

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Megan Matsuoka and Vince Lombardi have shared my thoughts exactly. This in her Etsy shop.

3. Business Goals and Strategies

Each business needs a dream; something to shoot for. Are you a photographer that wants to shoot for a magazine? Are you a journalist that wants your work in the New York Times? Have you just developed a new software virus scan program that you want to be one of the top five products of next year? These goals may sound unrealistic for the beginner, but I say write them down.  Think positive. Any steps you can make to get closer to your goal are positive ones.  If great people didn't shoot for the stars, then how did the Astronauts land on the moon? Think about it. Set the goals and think of your strategies. The words "can't" and "fail" aren't in my vocabulary.

4.  The Right People

You are going to have to have the right people to make you succeed in life. This means not only hiring them, but coexisting among them.  I call it the school of fish theory. Network with those who can help you reach your goals and succeed. Swim with the fish in your bowl. As far as the right team, if you are looking for an assistant, you need to keep looking until you find Mr. or Mrs. Right. You'll know it when you can work well together and have that work chemistry that when you ask for something they have already jumped on it for you because they knew you were going to ask for it anyhow. That is when you know you have found the right one.

Here is the one problem that people make when their business gets too big too fast - they ditch the people who helped them get to the top.  Don't do this.  Take them with you.  Reward them and they will keep working hard for you.

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Tweet up your business, everyone from barbecue guys to computer gurus are doing it!

5. Social Networking, Good Computer Software and  Data Management

Social Networking is a given.  You can be a star online and work out of a mobile home these days.  It's all in what you make it. Seize the day and if you don't know how, hire a networking person to make you a star.

All businesses need to have the best software for their needs.  Your business should also not have to do double work. You should access software that gives you the best in Data Management. Take for instance companies like DQglobal who has worked with over 500 businesses worldwide on a variety of data quality projects. Their Deduplication Software, Address Verification and Email Verification enables their clients to improve data quality. You may also wish to read this blog post on Measuring Data Quality.


The most important business essential is actually, you. What you make of yourself and what your limitations are remain to be seen. Many people will say that money is their biggest problem--trying to find the rest investors or start up capital. If you do your homework, and have a solid product and game plan, the rest will come. If you try  and don't succeed, keep trying. It really does work.