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Dolphin Decals
Wilson Graphics offers this great underwater decal for only $13.
I had a chance to talk to Paul David Wilson over at Wilson Graphics on Etsy.  His shop contains all kind of super cool decals such as Porthole Decals, Butterfly Decals, Chalkboard Decals and more.  I just love decals that can transform your home into something fab. Most people don't know this is a great way to redecorate or give a new look to a room and not have to spend a fortune.
Orange Seahorse Decal
Another lovely decal, only $13, this one (my favorite), an orange seahorse porthole, would look great in a kid's room or den!

All of these great things are at Wilson Graphics. Perfect for Baby Nurseries, Kids Rooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms and just about every nook and cranny in your home.

Q: Tell us about your decals.

A: "We can even "decal" your car, bike, motorcycle and skateboard...seriously...we've done that. We've been designing and making decals since 2005 and selling on Etsy since 2006. Our first decal designs were the product of decorating our own home. Pirate decals and butterfly decals populated our walls in those days. Over the years we've learned much, grown, moved and expanded."

Q: How do you make so many decals and get them shipped so quick?

A: "Our hours are often late, it's not uncommon to find one of us up each night well past midnight, but we love what we do. "

Wilson Graphics
Solar System Decals at Wilson Graphics

Q: What are your best accomplishments? 

A: "Exciting moments include our appearances in Better Homes and Gardens with our Picket Fence decals and the New York post last year with our Christmas Tree Chalkboard decal. Romantic Country and The Time Online also ran pieces and all these features helped stir us to keep improving and expanding our collection. Just as encouraging to us are the emails we receive from customers with photos showing us how our decals were incorporated into their decor and the creative ways they are put to use."

Wilson Graphics
Transform a room with Wilson Graphics!

Q: How have things changed because of this publicity?  

A:" A lot has changed since we first started this journey - we've gone from just 50 decal designs to over 800. Despite our fast pace and growth some things still remain the same...we continue to produce quality stock and custom decals for client's homes, businesses and retail displays and ship only the best quality work. We're here for your custom needs and last minute rush orders. We'll always do our best to make sure you get exactly what you're expecting and we continue to appreciate our wonderful customers."

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