Rotem Lahav Romance and Erotic Paintings

Lesbian Gay Painting
Paint Matters on Etsy : Erotic Paintings by Rotem Lahav.
Rotem Lahav of Northern Israel isn't just another painter who finds the beauty in a flower or passing insect. For Rotem takes pride in dabbling on the human art form, in it's naked state, wherein he captures the beauty in every moment. Perhaps it's those very things we need be reminded of, the beauty in our naked selves that we often forget or overlook.

Rotem Lahav
Gorgeous sponged work print only $80  in his Etsy Shop, Paint Matters.  
Rotem Lahav
Courtesy: PaintMatters Etsy Shop
Perhaps what I love best is that Rotem captures the sexy in the pout, the eyes, and the face, as much so as the rest of the body.  The work above is done with sponging and is simply beautiful. Some are black and white, others are more abstract.  Original works include everything from acrylics to watercolor, and an abstract art lover will find much to look at in his work and there are prints to suit any decor. 
Rotem Lahav, Artist
Courtesy: Rotem Lahav, photo of artist.

Rotem says, "Drawing, painting and exploring the world through art has always been my way, ever since I can remember myself. Throughout the years I went in many different artistic directions, such as photography, sculpture and digital art.  " 
Rotem Lahav
Busy in his studio, one may not know what he's about to create next.  Courtesy: Rotem Lahav
He explains, " As I grew up I understood that my drive in life comes out of any kind of creation (be it painting or cooking...), and decided to become a professional designer and got my diploma as an industrial designer.
Today I combine the two overlapping fields (Art & Design) and take the best of each of them."  

Rotem Lahav on Etsy
Rotem captures the beauty in every piece of the female body.
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