Etsy Help: How to Price Crafts by James Dillehay

James Dillehay
On Etsy, you can get this helpful ebook for only $4.99 at  JamesDillehay!
I'm so excited to find out that James Dillehay is on Etsy! This is such a helpful artist resource! He is author of  How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell and now, I'm excited to say he sells his PDF ebook in his Etsy shop!

Being a seller on Etsy myself, and artist, I write a lot about selling on Etsy. I get so many emails about questions correctly pricing arts and crafts that are handmade. You see, this is truly important.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the art that we forget how much financially we have put into an item.  I honestly never knew how to respond to these type questions, as everyone's art and craft is different.  Of course this doesn't only apply to Etsy, but craft shows, trade shows, and other venues.

Ask yourself: "Are you losing money on your sales?"  If you answered maybe, or that you aren't sure, then you certainly could be! 
You don't really want to be a starving artist do you? Art supplies cost money, and sometimes you are not sure how to price your wares. It happens to all of us.  I have to say, James' book is a useful tool and solution to this commn question.  My response to people now when I'm asked on how to price their wares, is "Go get THIS book!"  James has the answers and formula for all that. Recommended at Yahoo Finance, this indispensable guide is a roadmap to profits for those who make crafts or things to sell.

This is the must-have guide to ensure you get beyond "just breaking even" and start earning maximum profits from your handmade work.  It's good if you are new to selling handmade, or tenured at selling. You may learn better ways to increase your income!

About James

What I like about James is he is more than qualified to write on such a topic.  He's a professional craft artist, gallery owner, and author of nine books and numerous articles. His books have been recommended in The Wall Street Journal Online, Yahoo Finance, The Chicago Tribune, Bottom Line Personal, Family Circle, The Crafts Report, Better Homes & Gardens, Working Mothers, Country Almanac, and many more including Entrepreneur Radio and HGTV’s The Carol Duvall Show.

This makes James an expert on the topic at hand!   In 2011,  James was hired to produce a series of webinars broadcast throughout the state of Alaska to help their artists and craft makers market their creative products more profitably. He even told me that he's presented workshops around the U.S. including the National Association of Independent Artists in Atlanta, GA and the Bootcamp Marketing for Artists and Craftspeople in Santa Fe, NM.

Make sure to check out his JamesDillehay shop on Etsy!