Rene Gibson Art Transforming Skulls

Rene Gibson Cow Skull
Gorgeous work like this can be found for sale by Rene Gibson.
Perhaps one of the most intriguing things about artists and artwork is the ability to find people who are unique in their art and design. Take for instance Rene Gibson, an artisan from West Palm Beach, Florida who breathes new life into old skulls. She transforms them into beautiful mosaics and wall decor.
Rene Gibson Skull
Prices range from $60 for a bird skull to $395.00 for a cow skull. This one, $50,000.
Combining a variety of materials including gemstones, glass tile, smalti and a variety of beads ranging from simple seed beads to vintage African beads to a mix of metal beads, her work is quite extraordinary. While most of Rene's sales are to private collectors, two of her skulls have been shown on the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible Cap'n and the Cowboy episode.

Rene Gibson Art
Interesting mosaics transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Rene has an undergraduate degree in interior design and spent time in Ireland, earning a Master's of Philosophy in Women's Studies from Trinity College Dublin.  Her work can be found on Etsy or her own website Rene Gibson. 

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