Arts and Crafts Photographs Color by Number for Adults Spinniest Orange

Look what I found!  Such a cool new arts and crafts idea!  It's called Spinniest Orange .  Believe it or not, you can upload a photo and turn it into a fun Picasso color-by-number or paint-by-number project.  Why didn't I think of this?

Step One: Pick a Photo
fairy art iramency
This is the coolest idea since Pinterest.  You simply upload a picture, in this case, I uploaded one of my fairy art creations just to see if I could color her a different color!  I first cropped out the part I wanted to color.

Step Two: Pick a Level (How Many Colors?) and Convert!
spinniest orange arts and crafts photoshop

You can pick if you want 4 color, 8 color, or the "big crayon box" of 16 colors.  Once you pick one, it looks a little scary, but don't worry, that's just part of it.   Then you click, "convert."

Step Three : Review Your Artist Palette and Print That Sucker Out!

Voila, you have your own "so to speak paint by number or color by number" on your photo!  It will show you a color palette at this stage, you can just click PRINT and print it out!
Here is what it said the color palette was for my glove molds. Super cool. I'll be the next Picasso in no time.

Ideas for Using Spinniest Orange

This is sure to keep adults (and kids) busy for HOURS coming up with cool ways to color an original picture. I can see endless possibilities now, here are just a few I'm planning on using it for!

color by number
Courtesy of Spinniest Orange
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • Scrapbooking
  • Personal Photo Cards at the Holidays
  • Kids Color Up Their Favorite Photos
  • You can piece four together for Warhol-inspired art projects  
  • Wall Art for Kids Rooms 
  • Custom Variations of Your Original Works

Oh yeah, I'm hooked.
Why didn't I think of this ?
Off to create some super cool art.

Why don't you go check 'em out?   Spinniest Orange Art & Crafts : Color By Number for Adults!