Wall Murals and Custom Wall Murals

Artistic Homeowner Wall Murals
Decorate With This!

Check out these super cool  wall murals . They can really spice up a room without going through all the added decorating costs.  Nix buying new paint or new furnishings, a simple change of a wall can really change the look of a whole room!  You can choose from themes like animals, Asian, or abstract if you aren't sure what you want--there are lots of premade murals for you.

custom wall murals
A client changed the look of her own room, with this custom wall mural!

Custom wall murals are especially cool as customers can send in pictures of their own works of art or digital photo collages for a truly unique wallpaper piece.  The examples above and below are great ideas made by clients that ArtisticHomeowner was able to make for them!

custom wall murals
Custom Wall Mural designed by client for kids' room! How cool!

Lisa created her website in 2006 out of a love for interior decorating and adding visual impact to rooms without the expense of a complete room makeover. Today ArtisticHomeowner sells wall murals nationwide to creative home artisans.   With wall murals, the possibilities are simply endless!