Silver Jewelry House of Mr Bond Etsy Shop

House of Mr Bond
$58 Sandalwood and Silver Pendant
The Etsy Shop House of Mr. Bond is all the way from Hong Kong. They use 990 Silver and Sandalwood in their creations. No two are alike due to the differences in the wood itself.  It makes for an interesting combination.
Sandalwood and Silver
$60 Sandalwood and Silver Earrings

There is also some artwork in the shop and other creations, but I am particularly drawn to the silver creations. There is a lovely lotus ring, but my favorite seems to be these freeform lotus pendant.

Silver Lotus Pendant on Etsy
$150 Silver Lotus Pendant

House of Mr Bond Etsy shop is home to Becky Cheung. You can read more about her creations on her HouseofMrBond blog.