Linknami : Social Media Relevant Publishers with Advertisers

Relevant Links on Relevant Markets = Boost Your Business or Make Money Helping Others Grow Theirs
Check out this new resource site I found and am very impressed with called linknami .  This is a must for anyone who is trying to grow their business, brand their product, (who we will call Advertisers) or even for someone who wants to use their existing website/blog, Faceboook or twitter and wants to make a few extra bucks helping others by promoting a specific product or website (who we will refer to as Publishers).  In a nutshell, linknami is a social ad site that connects people needing to advertise with places to do so. From blog posts, to banners, to tweets, they can help you find the niche for your product.

This is a great resource for artists, who want to promote their wares, or the small business owner seeking help. Let's say you are selling a product or service, linknami will help you connect with publishers to help promote your product, service or website on a wide range of online marketing such as blog posting, website banners, twitter tweets, Facebook fan pages, or Facebook posts. Let's face it, social media is big. If your Aunt in Mississippi starts posting about a great place to eat, chances are her friends will give it a try.  More and more companies are getting every day people to spread the word and promote their products.

If you are a blogger, twitter guru, web owner or Facebook fan page or Facebook user, chances are you can make money by helping others promote their product or service.  If you love sports, and run a sports blog, perhaps you should be making money promoting sports clothing sites.  See how easy it is?

Linknami system includes a free online marketing section where users can submit guest posts on relevant blogs. How does this help you? By guest posting you can acquire links back to your site or blog, and these are definitely google-worthy. Many linking sites are crappy, and having too many links from crappy sites will plummet your site or blog's page rank.

The social advertising section where users can submit tweets and messages on relevant twitter and Facebook accounts of social media influence-rs, topic experts and opinion makers.

I like it so much I'm off to add it to "artist resources" section of this blog! Try it out!

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