A Journey Through Art Jewelry Natural Gemstones and More

Lapis Pendant is $35 and gorgeous hue of blue.
I just love this site, A Journey Through Art which features the hand selected creations of Phil and Dee Winkelstern.  Phil, who has a background in machine shop, art and framing,  and Dee -- who spent many years as a commercial artist together hand pick the stones themselves. Soon they are transformed into wearable art creations that are beautiful and elegant. I enjoy their designs because they show off the natural qualities of the stones.  No two pieces are alike, and you should know these items are not commercially produced. Featuring nature's finest stones makes this shop an eco friendly and a greener alternative than buying mass produced imports or man made stones.  Just look at some of these creations!

A Journey through Art
Beautiful Creations for any Occasion

Jewelry is not all they have here.  They have lots of cool clocks, (some made from dinner plates) novelty items and some of my favorite, natural stone wands. 

Look at the beauty of this azurite wand. 
The items are great gift ideas and they have a toll free number in case you have any questions which adds a nice touch. If you have some ideas for custom work they are open to suggestions.  What a great place to shop!  What are you waiting for? Go check them out at AJourneyThroughArt.com