Nanny Cams and Cheating Husbands Spy Vs Spy

Hidden Spy Cam
This pill bottle is a motion activated camera, for $149 you can catch anyone doing anything.
Spy and Nanny Cams

Someone was talking to me about nanny cams the other day. I'm not sure how I happened up on this site but I love it! EyeSpySupply has the most coolest spy vs spy things in the world!  I mean, it kind of makes me want to spend some money and turn into the next Tom Cruise, tracking people's spouses and kids down for a living. I wonder how much I could make doing that?   Seriously, check this wild stuff out.  The pill bottle above is a motion activated camera. When it detects motion it starts recording.  If you have a babysitter you think is going into your medicine cabinet stealing your husband's back pain pills,  this will catch them.
spyware picture

It's sort of sad to think that we live in a society where we can't trust anyone.  Eye Spy Supply offers clocks, teddy bears, or even covert things like the above tissue box with implanted spy cams in them. I really like the tissue box idea.  This might be perfect for the bedroom if you think your hubby is up to no good while you travel.  Just sayin'.

The little smoke detector above detects those blowing smoke up your a** so so speak.  I think it's sad because it may mean you are going through ten nannies a month if they are up to no good, but the piece of mind knowing you have a perfect caretaker for your kids is priceless. 

Little tracking devices. A bit pricey, but piece of mind is priceless.
Tracking Devices

If you are one of those moms or dads who have done everything right but think your kids may be hanging with the wrong crowd or doing drugs, you can track 'em.  Bust them and get them in rehab before it's too late.  If you think your best friend's husband is up to no good, you can act like spy vs spy and track him like something out of Thelma and Louise.  (Hey, this works on your spouse, girlfriends or boyfriends too.)  Maybe you will find in doing so that nothing is wrong, but a small price to pay for piece of mind. 

Start your Own Spy Business

I'm not even joking when I say they have necklaces with cameras in them, night vision watch cameras, and sunglasses with cameras in them.   I am sure illegally recording people on tape won't hold up in court, but at least you can bust that loser who has been cheating on your best friend all these years!

Check it out

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