How to be a Ventriloquist The Art of Ventriloquism

Just the other day I was watching the Geico commercial with the cute little Gecko who now has a ventriloquist gig. It got me thinking of the vintage art of ventriloquism.   But just how do you learn it?
Ventriloquist dummy head, $15, on Etsy from PrimitiveVillage.

I asked Tom Crowl.  He said, " Today, wth the popularity of Jeff Dunham, a lot of people have a renewed interest in ventriloquism. As a professional vent, I was watching a lot of youtube videos and instructional sites popping up on the Internet. Some were free, some were charging - and most of the information was wrong or misleading. Because of that, I developed a time released online virtual lesson video course."

So, here you go, this is what you need to know on  how to be a ventriloquist