Dorobox Etsy Features Etsy Artisans

Dorobox is here.
Hello, what's this? 

Dorobox seems to be brand spankin' new website and launching on June 1st. They will be featuring the best deals on Etsy, highlighting artistans wares.  What's better, is it's sort of like an Etsy on Sale, but you can choose which item to link here, and how much of a discount you will give.

I really like sites like this because it's so overwhelming browsing the bazillions of Etsy listings anymore.  This is also a great artist resource for any Etsy seller because they can get their work "highlighted" among others. Sort of like being on the front page of Etsy, but you control the sale, and you control the discount.

I hope you will check them out and tweet about them.  This should be interesting. I'm adding it to my Artist Resources page!