Dainties by Lolo Beaded Jewelry and Photography

Dainties by Lolo is a lovely Etsy shop of Lorna Ortiz (nickname Lolo) from Lake Mary, Florida.  What started as "stress relief" has turned into a lovely and dainty little online boutique!  Each of her designs are unique! 
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For only $5 these lovely earrings can be yours!
 When she gets into work mode, she puts on some music and starts beading lovely creations.  Her husband is her number one fan.  I should explain, you will find more than jewelry here. In fact, you will find the prettiest, most vibrant photography!
Dainties by LoLo
You can find her photography for sale in her Etsy shop!
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These are my favorite, dangle earrings only $7.00!
She explains, "One of my greatest passions is Photography. Film photography is where it all started for me. Back then, I would carry my camera everywhere I went. In today's digital world, I basically have taught myself through tutorials on Youtube. Inspiration comes from the smallest leaf to the most breathtaking scenery. I posted just a few of my favorite photographs for your enjoyment. I hope they can add a personal touch to your home decor. "

Mary ships everywhere in the world. Custom orders are welcome and no job is too big or small.  What are you waiting for?

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