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The Ultimate Etsy Marketing Package for Your Store
SEO GIRL will break out her basket of goodies from her shop!

Increasing Sales on Etsy : Exposure and Marketing is Key
I get asked a lot how to get your Etsy shop noticed so that you will make sales. I am going to give you a good resource for any artist or crafter. Aside from following all the rules of Etsy, doing the best photos, tags, titles and descriptions, you need to market your shop.

Remember that Etsy gives you the platform (storefront) to sell and list your products. They don't guarantee marketing or exposure or sales.  So, marketing is your job. The big problem is,marketing means taking time promote etsy shop but also doing it correctly. So what if you don't have time? What if you waste time trying to market through the wrong channels? Is it really worth your time to do all this when you can pay someone else to do it for you.  That's where SEO Girl comes in handy.   

Let SEO Girl Do The Work For You
SEOGirl (short for Search Engine Optimization) is a web marketing consultant who sells her services on Etsy.  She specializes in Etsy marketing services, Etsy advertising and SEO tips to promote your Etsy shop.  Some things she focuses on is: 

- Keywords Research and definition of main keywords for your store
- Recommendations report for your site content
- Extensive Link building to your Etsy store
What does this mean for you? More links in, more exposure, more traffic, all of which increases your odds to make more sales!

This Etsy Marketing service  would be a good solution to get your shop out and about. She will use the right form of Etsy SEO which will market your shop to the right audience and get more views and traffic into your Etsy shop.  

Connect with SEO Girl to See How She Can Help You
Please visit her on Etsy as this is an introductory price for marketing. Marketing is very time consuming and for what she is doing, this is a good value.  

On Etsy:  Visit SEOgirl
For more extensive details you can visir her website,SEO Girl - Etsy Store Marketing Services.