Pysanky and Faberge Eggs, Russian Nesting Dolls

Nesting Dolls
Russian Nesting Dolls

Russian Nesting Dolls:  Old World Handicraft

I remember as a child my grandmother gave me a Russian nesting dolls. What was special about them is knowing that someone, somewhere, handmade these dolls , having painted all their little details. Not to mention Russian nesting dolls are most often painted to represent peasant women and girls, and are a symbol of motherhood and fertility and perhaps that is why they are so adored by women and children everywhere. Over the years I've seen them in insect form, political form, and classic female form. 

Faberge Egg art
Russian Faberge Egg, "Rosebud"

Faberge Eggs

The Rosebud egg was a jewelled enameled Easter egg made by Michael Perchin under the supervision of the Peter Carl Faberge in 1895 and the one above obviously replicates this specific Faberge Egg. I think these are so elegant and a timeless century tradition. They take their name from The Faberge Company, founded by Russian jeweler Peter Carl Faberge (known for his turn of the century jewelry and eggs. ) Legend indicates that the first Faberge Egg was presented in 1885 as an Easter gift from a Czar to his wife and was proclaimed the most beautiful gift ever given. To think that these were real eggs, delicately painted and breathtaking, handmade pieces of art. The priceless crafts are symbol of creation and of new life and they are a true testament to the Carl Faberge Company. 

Faberge Egg Photograph
Eggs : Not just for breakfast anymore. Who would think they are so lovely and beautiful.

I have to admit, I'm mesmerized that artists can paint delicate designs and put intricate details onto eggs. It's amazing to me that such beautiful things exist. I found all of this handiwork alive and well over at Best Pysanky, who has Faberge Eggs, Russian Nesting Dolls, Pysanky and Christmas Tree Ornaments too. These are old world tradition handicraft and glorious artistry that should not be forgotten about or overlooked.  These are a great gift idea and something unique.
Pysanky Egg
This is my favorite. Look at all the details in the paint and texture of the Ostrich Egg.

Pysanky Eggs

Pysanky are part of an ancient Ukrainian tradition of decorating whole eggshells with elaborate geometric patterns and pictures but only after blowing out the contents and taking much time to prepare the egg and decorate with many layers.  Believe it or not, the above egg is REAL. They come in goose, and ostrich among other type eggs, and I have to admit, the ostrich is my favorite because it's so large and prestigious.

Egg Decorating Supplies

I should also add that this tradition can be done in your home, with your kids or family because Best Pysanky also sells Egg Decorating Supplies.  What a fun idea!

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