PYC Window Awnings Save Electricity Bill Green Solution

Awhile ago I posted photos of my great grandmother's house on Chesterfield Avenue in Baltimore, MD on my RetroChalet melmac dinnerware blog.  I could never figure out how she kept her house so cool in the summer. Needless to say many people will say that summers were different back then but I can remember some real hot days as a child.  She had awnings all over her home, made of red metal. Over time the metal would need painting and fixing, as they would leak or rust, and they were high maintenance.  With time, there have been improvements.

Here is something GREEN, EFFICIENT, and quite honestly a product I LOVE:

Imagine a low maintenance solution to your BGE or electric bill, no matter where you are.  With today's soaring temperatures no one can afford keep their air running all the time so window awning are a great solution, to keep the room temperature in check which in turn will prevent the air from kicking on until you absolutely need it. Goodbye metal, they are made of high quality PYC Canvas now!

So we bought some for our mother in law's home last spring,  and she loves the curb appeal they have given to her home.  In fact her house stands out in the neighborhood and would be more attractive to a potential buyer, making the investment so worth it.   She did see a reduction in her electric bill. She was also happy to be able to sit in key rooms where the sun used to beat in the window and prematurely have the A/C kicking on.   The up front investment has already paid off in the hot summer months.

PYC Window Awnings are easy to order. You simply call and deal with their great customer service, who will guide you through the measuring and ordering process.  (Truth be told they have the best prices and warranty available. ) 
They are super easy to install! My only complaint is I wish I would have found them sooner. I love the curb appeal they have added to her home, and I can't wait to get some for mine!

I am so sold on this product we're talking about how these window awnings are a go-green solution to your energy bill.  

Check out their website at PYC Window Awnings as they have back porch awnings, full window awnings and just about every type awning you can think of!