How to Price Crafts Book - Artist Resource

Every Artist or Crafter needs this book!
I get asked this question all the time, and as an artist myself when I started out I had no idea how to price the things I sold. In fact I was totally clueless, should I price what others are pricing? Should I price a small bit over cost to get people in? Or should I price high and hope for the best?  Now you don't have to wonder anymore because James Dillehay, (Author of Sell Your Crafts Online) is going to tell you how to do it for only $4.99.  

This Kindle or Digital Download (On Amazon Right Here)

Included in this book are:

* Formulas and examples of pricing crafts when selling retail or wholesale, online or off

* Stand out from the crowd with 10 competitive ways to price crafts

* Get 15 strategies for how to price crafts higher by increasing perceived value

* Learn how to price crafts that are one-of-a-kind items

* Guarantee that your craft prices are really earning you a profit

* Find examples of how to keep records so you can quickly learn how to price crafts as you make them

* Boost your cash flow income so you will never run out of money to run your craft business

* Get 12 sources for buying craft supplies at the lowest possible costs

* Increase output of things to make to sell with a more efficient workspace

* Save money at tax time with tax advantages from your craft business

* And much more about how to price crafts that you probably never imagined would help your craft business' bottom line

I think this is going to make answering the question of how to price your crafts a heck of a lot easier.  In fact next time I send out my Etsy shop critiques I am going to refer others to buy this book, for only $4.99 it's a real steal and a must-read.

Go to Amazon to read a preview and look inside this HOW TO PRICE YOUR CRAFTS BOOK NOW