Get Crafty with Photo Bead Jewelry

I am so hooked on this photo bead jewelry site!  You can make these awesome projects  for yourself, or for just about any birthday, holiday, or special project for your friends or family. I for one, used to  never know what to get my family for the holidays anymore, but with Photo Bead Jewelry that has changed.  Here is a picture right out of their tutorial, it's easy enough for anyone to understand:

This is such a great project (and fun) to do alone or with the kids! The free Photo Bead Jewelry tutorial on how to do it and the site is loaded with the photo beads you can buy.  I found them on Pinterest, under User Name PhotoJewelry, and got hooked immediately!  So if you like crafts and Pinterest, make sure you follow them!

I think that the ideas they come up with for using photos and beads are endless, and there is something for even the pickiest person in your gift giving circle.  I should mention that it's not just necklaces and bracelets, I've shown here, you can do any jewelry such as earrings, rings, and even Christmas ornament kits they offer ?  There are sold in kits in case you have no idea what to do.

Above is a stretchy type item, how adorable is that?  I want to make this typerwriter bracelet NEXT, note the photo jewelry in the middle. What a perfect gift for the loved one in your family.

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