Ella Grace Designs and Festival Bloom Fabrics

Ella Grace iPhone/Media Wallet $18

Today's Artist Corner Spotlight is on an Etsy shop who I adore.  Two friends, Rita and Kelly have found unique fabric, which has now "branded" onto all her creations.  I am just in love with the Ella Grace Designs  Etsy shop out of New Hampshire.    Two friends, Rita and Kelly have gone all out using their special "Festival Bloom" fresh and funky fabric to give a unique look to products.  Their combined efforts are the brains of "Ella Grace Designs."

Reversible Belt by Ella Grace Designs, $22
Get in style with Ella Grace Designs on Etsy!
If you ask them they will tell you, "We have designed our own series of fabrics that we have turned into "Pretty Little Things" for ladies to give and get! Super cute & original bags, wristlets, wallets, key fobs, iPhone & iPad cases all made with our exclusive Festival Bloom fabrics!"

Ahhh yes, the fabrics.  Notice how this selected color palette can go with just about anything. Brighten up a white shirt, or wear with teal blues to bring a new look to something old.  I really think this picture could fit perfectly in Elle or Glamour magazine.  They have taken something so lovely, made it practical, and cool.

Pretty little things! This eReader IPad Case is a steal and great gift idea for only $22

The Festival Bloom fabrics are just that, a festival of colors with blooms of happiness. Add something a little pretty to your life today. You will find lunch bags, travel cups, wallets, accessories and great gift ideas by browsing Ella Grace Designs on Etsy!

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(I rarely say this but I can see these girls becoming new designers in the future!  You heard it here first! Remember me when your items are on the runway someday girls!)