Dukan Diet : Attack Plan for Weight Loss

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Trading in my diet scale: this available from thegreenroom52 on Etsy.
Thank you Dr. Dukan! Today I will tell you about something I LOVE!  Summer's coming and I am so much out of shape. I not only do a lot of computer work which doesn't help my butt but I have a very stressful busy life. I travel a lot and being on the go and very hungry, I tend to grab something to tide me over and not the best choice.  I figure, it's time to shape up and really commit myself to exercise as my friend and mentor Mike Turkin would say, "No time like today."  This girl isn't getting any younger.  Can you say belly fat? Urgh!

So I'm pleased to announce I've started a new diet called  Dukan Diet. Let me just tell you, my whole problem with dieting in the past was that I was overwhelmed with the calorie counting. Then there were those where you would have to buy their meals, so what happens when you can't afford them and try to make your own? One little ingredient (a girl needs her butter) and your diet and calories for the day is blown. Then you have the diets that make you count carbs, write this down, write that down, keep a diet journal....ack!  Who has time?  

I guess my whole problem was lack of understanding.  That has all changed thanks to Dr. Dukan who has developed a diet in stages, for people like me who need the extra help.  The Dukan Diet is not overwhelming and in fact I really like it because it's comprised of phases which EDUCATE you on the how and why and you are able to attack your weight problem in STEPS.
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The Dukan Diet Site even gives you recipes, good yummy ones not crappy ones.

The Dukan Diet is worth a quick read---then with this proper education  you really can understand the complexity of what is going in your body and what foods work together to burn fat and slim you down.  There is a whole food list of approved foods on the Dukan Diet Approved Meats and Vegetables List!   As for the stages, here they are:

  • Phase I ATTACK phase - This is where you really get educated on your plan to attack and conquer foods. There is a safe list and as long as your food is on it, you're good!
  • Phase II CRUISE phase - Cruise on thru this phase with some complex Pure-Protein sub phase (all about the food working together for you!) 
  • Phase III CONSOLIDATION phase - This is my favorite one. Unlike a lot of diets, the Dukan Diet slowly moves you back into normal life under this new way of eating,s o you are not in shock.  Instead of going on a diet for two weeks them coming off and packing back the weight, this teaches you to change your way of thinking in your everday life. 
  •  Phase IV - STABILIZATION phase - It's just that. It stabilizes you into this new way of thinking and healthier eating with healthier food combinations. 

I guess the whole point here is this diet is not just really a diet, but a healthier way of living, eating, and understanding why your body needs these type foods to put you at your best.  I suppose my body is the only vehicle moving me through life so I am off treat it better so it needs less tuning up.  Besides, I really don't have money to keep buying new clothes.  I'll let you know my progress by end of summer. I'm going to stick to it this time.