Dani Cremer Etsy Jewelry For Him or Her

Unisex Bracelet Braided Sterling Silver with 9k Additions for Men and Women

Etsy is full of great jewelry shops, but it's hard for me to find gifts for HIM.  I really enjoy the designs of cremer dani Etsy shop, which is home to artist Dani Cremer!  Here you will find a plethora of  UNISEX yet perfect for your man, handmade Leather Bracelets, Gold or Silver bracelets, rings,  Sterling Silver Jewelry, Silver and Gold mixed jewelry, and  Israeli Jewelry for him or her!  The work is upscale, high quality, and the prices are in line for this level of craftsmanship!  This is designer handmade at it's finest!

Unisex Wide Tractor Bracelet with 9k gold Divider , Studded with Iolite Gemstone

Dani is a Jewelry artisan from Israel  but originally from Argentina.  He says, "At age 23, on a tour of Europe, I discovered the world of metalworking, and since then it has become the essence of my life. I have been endowed with a real gift of talent and inquisitiveness, and over the years this combination led me on a journey of doing and seeking. Most of the pieces I design and manufacture are made of silver, gold, titanium, brass, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, leather, wood, and bone. I like to use a combination of metals and other materials. The locks I use are designed and adapted in proportion to the chains, and evolve constantly… I maintain a high level of precision and finish, which gives my individual pieces their (rightly) distinguished and laborious look."

Unisex Bracelet Brown Leather cord and 925k Silver, $255

What I like about this shop is you can find designs for the man in your life.  It's hard to find good men's bracelets or men's jewelry these days.  In fact it's not often I can find something this gorgeous that my husband would agree to wear! You can find handcrafted, one of a kind and high quality items here.  I personally like the silver and leather combinations.  

Sterling Silver Ring 925k , 9k gold and Enamel For Men and Women 

Truth is, there are rings, earrings and necklaces here too, even though my favorites are the bracelets. Connect with famous Artisan Dan Cremer here:

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