Bye Bye Picnik Hello PicMonkey

Thank God for the little Monkey!
I was really upset that Picnik was being acquired by Google and turning into the Creative Kit.  Let's face it, we all have our qualities in the world, but taking good crisp photos is not one of mine. If the truth be told, three years ago I bought my Nikon because Ashton was advertising them. I wish Ashton would have mentioned how many different buttons there are on the camera, and how after three years the average person probably still couldn't figure them all out. (Yes, I've read the manual...)   So years ago I  went to Picnik. With a few simple clicks (so easy a kindergartener could do it) your photo was gorgeous. If you wanted to make it cute you could. Professional , no problem.  Brighter, one click.  Matted edges, easy as pie. Then Picnik announced they were closing April 18th So now what ? I tried BeFunky but I just really didn't like it.
So here is the photo of my husband's beef.  Watch what I did with it on PicMonkey!
I have to tell you that Picnik suggested PicMonkey which is FREE and no registration is required. It has much of the same features as Picnik and is so very easy to use. In fact PicMonkey is way better than Picnik because you get a lot of fonts that used to be on Picnik Premium (free required) for free on PicMonkey.  They also add new things constantly.

Now if  the above photo looks like a Picnik feature, you are right. PicMonkey offers the same Poloroid type frame for free. I really like the text I found.   I want to say I'm very impressed with the features and how you can overlay the text onto your photo:

I was able to do a black and white, color only what I wanted and add text. Total time : 30 seconds.
So, I'm happy to report my new bff is PicMonkey.  If you you do venture into some territory you aren't supposed to, you will get a cute little winking monkey looking at you. This means the feature you are trying to use is a premium one, and the only want to get rid of the scary little monkey is to join and pay, or hit the undo and go back to regular features. 

If you are trying to do graphics on your own website, need to brighten or fix your photos, or want to make them cutesy, or fix photos in your Etsy shop, then PicMonkey is your ticket.  I'm adding it to the Artist Resources as it's a great feature.  I plan to use it for my husband's website, as I am very happy with the features!  Thank you PicMonkey for making my day!

Check them out:  PicMonkey
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Twitter: PicMonkey