Stop Smoking Now It's Killing Me

Great gift idea for the smoker, to get them to stop!

 I haven't ever smoked cigarettes thanks to my parents overdosing me on second hand smoke as a child. I do know some of my friends are really addicted and can't quit. Believe you me they want to, because the cost of a pack is nearly killing them but thanks to the additives they can't.

I am so glad bars and restaurants in Maryland are smoke free. I had bad asthma when I was a child because of all the smoke coming up the steps and into my loft room thanks to my parents and grandmom together in the house smoking about 4 cartons a week.  They thought I had allergies, got rid of the dogs, my bunny, and well, after one of those 500-needle tests it wasn't grass or pet fur, it was nicotine. Imagine being allergic to nicotine.  I had limitations as a child. Couldn't sit in smoky homes or go to smoky restaurants after that.  Did my parents and grandmom quit? Hell no, they built an enclosed porch and smoked in that. It used to be beige but quickly turned brown. Yuck.

My uncle has had two heart attacks and continues to smoke even though the doctors told him not to. In fact he's upgraded to cigars (the little kind that look like cigarettes) and he's inhaling them.  His father died of lung cancer.

My husband sneaks the occasional cigar, which his father died of throat cancer from smoking cigars. I guess it's in their DNA.

I can't judge, because I haven't been there. I'm not perfect, I eat the greasy food that I shouldn't. So what is worse? Dying from cigarettes or McDonald's Cheeseburgers?   The good news is I found this site that offers electronic cigarettes. They call them ECigs. These 501 electronic cigarettes   are supposed to give you a sensation of smoking but ween you off slowly from cigarettes.  I am curious to know has this worked for anyone? The E-Cigarettes doesn't have tar, ash and many other harmful toxins in it and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Do they make them in cigars?  If so, I know what my hubby is getting for his birthday.  And hey, where's the E-Burgers?