Go Green With Biodegradable Packaging Artist Resources

A great resource for anyone wanting custom printed bags:: ECO FRIENDLY!
I've been finding all kinds of affordable green eco-friendly fun things lately. I believe this would be a great item for any artist, crafter, craft show person, or business owner  to cut their environmental waste down. Make sure you show your boss, even if you work in a bread factory or clothing store, as they can tell their corporate office and reduce their carbon footprint.  I didn't believe it at first, but it's true...

Global 1 Packaging Biodegradable Bags out of Canada has found a way to offer biodegradable and compostable "plastic look" bags.  That's right, and you can have custom printing on them.   Now at first I was wondering, just how can a "plastic look" bag be biodegradable or compostable?

Not to give away their secret, but they offer a oxy-biodegradable secret additive that cuts the degradation life of the bag short to 24-36 months. Meaning you could bury this in a landfill and 2.5 years later and it's turned into a mushy pile of carbon dioxie, water and biomass that is perfectly safe for the environment!   They are located in Burlington Ontario and can print any of their products and offer shipping worldwide. What are you waiting for? Share this! Visit the biodegradable packaging website NOW!