iPhone 4 Cases at SherryStore Bonanza

This PacMan Iphone cover is timeless.
I can't live without my iphone, or shopping on Etsy. So imagine my surprise when I found these cute little iphone covers at Sherry's Store which is now off Etsy but available on Bonanza. The iPhone 4 Cases are made of  plastic and coated with a crystal clear enamel layer.  The images are printed using crystal clear enamel coating for long lasting effect.  They ship to the US within 2 weeks time, and are adorable.

They have them in many styles to fit the iPhone 4s, and are hard Case Covers. Some of the styles are current and hip. In fact I was thinking these would make perfect gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people.  I know a few kids who would LOVE this one:

So check 'em out. At an average price of $14.99 they are pretty nifty.  They also have a bunch of watches  and keychains. But for me I think these cases are my favorite.

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