Best Journals Organizers Planners Ever at BloggerinLove

Featured item: Poppy Journal by BloggerinLove on Etsy!

I love this new shop that opened on Etsy, BloggerinLove. It is a dream come true for someone like me who needs to get organized. Not to mention any blogger's paradise. Find lovely planners, journals and supplies to keep the creative blogger organized, inspired and smitten.
I really like the fact you can pencil in the date and plan your day.

In case you are wondering, this store is owned and operated by graphic designer Minna Sithep.  She lives in the the Midwest with my amazing hubby, lovely daughter and awesome dog.  She loves being organized, and appreciates simple and creative design.
Mine would look a little something like this.
Best gift for bloggers ever - A blog magnet just one buck!
She has these library book lookalike Blog Inspiration Cards! See how I could use them!
OH YES! Great idea!

Not to mention, she loves bloggers so that means I LOVE HER! She is new to Etsy, so won't you please stop by and say hello!

Ways 2 Connect with Minna: 
 Etsy Shop: Blogger in Love
 Twitter: @bloggerinloveXO