Bella Argentina: Handmade Jewelry Love

Natural stones make this Isabel necklace lovely and desirable.
In Argentina, there is a best kept secret. That would be Courtney Williams an emerging jewelry designer.  She is busy taking her visions for beauty, quality craftsmanship and lovely natural jewelry designs and turning them into a reality. That would be her  Bella Argentina handmade jewelry line.  Providing these unique and lovely designs, most of her creations feature semi precious stones, natural elements and sterling silver. They are inspired by history and the stones.
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What's better? Courtney hires local artisans who are highly skilled and paid well to turn her design vision into reality.  She is giving back to her community by providing local jobs for men and women alike!  She is providing the ways and means for women like her to become more independent in her country! 

These new design trends that emerge in her jewelry are beautiful, functional, and help the local economy. Your purchases help pay the workers' wages and keep this growing dream turned reality alive.   Bella Argentina, perhaps the photos say it all.  

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