Signs for Big Fat Daddy's a Twitter Bird

I started with some old wood laying around the farm.

I love to paint but I'm not a good painter. I guess that's why I like assemblage art because it's a no-brainer. I had to make some signs for my husband.   He doesn't like my cutesy-cute look but when you are talking little Twitter bird, what can you do?   I'm usually good with a jigsaw but I didn't realize my first mistake was grabbing some wood laying around the farm compound that was wayyyyyy to thick. This particular board was 3/4" wood.  It took me awhile to cut with the jigsaw...and HE said it couldn't be done ha ha. I was careful not to break the jigsaw blade or marr up my hand.  I had to wear glasses because the wood was flying everywhere. Normally I use only 1/2" thick wood and need to make a special note of that next time.

I had a mess when I was done cutting, but hey, that's what getting messy with the cheese whiz is all about!  I then had to sand the edges and the face of my sign so I could paint. I used medium grit and just hit it a bit here and there.  The sandpaper was used before on something red, so I had a bit of a transfer.
This stuff really is thick!

Future twitter bird

I laid out a few designs, and there was no way on earth I could do the lettering. I was actually thinking about decoupaging some on but that would be massively cheating (sigh) and besides, this thing is going to be outside. The hole in the middle is so that he can hang it on his wooden food stands.  So I just decided to paint him up. I used latex craft paint and three coats of Rust-o-leum shellac and he'll withstand most outdoor mayhem. I misjudged the white part on the left a bit and made the  "B" a little out of whack but hey, who cares. The best part is making it from scratch, freestyling it.   He can be attached by a bolt to the fence that goes around the BBQ Stand.