McInnes Laundry Historic Sign is No More

This sign is gone from my neighborhood, and many like it in Baltimore are only memorable through photographs.

Update 8/25/12:

Here is an email I received from Will McInnes via email transmission to me:

" I am the owner of the laundromat at 6500 Harford Rd. Your blog about my former sign is 90% inaccurate. The sign wasn't removed, it was blown down by hurricane Irene. You never spoke to me or anyone who is employed by me. Please remove it or you will be hearing from my attorney on the grounds of defamation. If you would like to contact me my email is xxxx"

Fact: The bottom line was I wrote my account of how the sign was being cut down and removed, and hauled to a junk yard and how upset I was that we would be losing this industrial history landmark in our neighborhood. 

Fact: Will McInnes wanted my story removed and it has been, and I've updated his facts of what happened to this sign per his email. 

Fact:  An anonymous comment poster claims Will McInnes has been sued over the sign before, (see comments below) but I can't feel sorry for him because he's threatening to sue me over me writing my account of what happened that day, so what am I missing?

Fact: In defense of  property owners it should be noted that restoration or repair on these signs could be costly , so much so many are forced to make the decision that it is not worth the time to do so.

Fact:  I did speak to the guy who owns Merlin that to this day lives on top the laundromat , but Mr. McInnes states I spoke to no one employed by him, so is it safe to assume he's only a tenant. He told myself and two neighbors he is the caretaker.  So who knows, and who cares? 

Useless Fact: I gave Merlin a bone for Christmas. I think he liked it.

Happy Fact: The scrapper (who said the sign grossed him $132 ) has moved from our neighborhood.

Proven Fact:  Kharma is a bitch.  

Fact: Vintage signs like this are a dying breed and more and more are being removed, hauled away, and knocked down from Baltimore neighborhoods.  It is a fact that very few survive to this day.

Fact: It should also be noted with help of the neighbors or neighborhood associations who love their neighborhoods, sometimes they are willing to pull together to help, raise money, or prove that big hearts can make magic happen. I really wish that property owners would seek help from the neighborhood associations first!

Fact: I had been doing some research on the building to see how old the sign was, it appears the building was built in 1924, and I could never determine if the sign was original or not. But as of this point, I don't give a shit.

McInnes Laundry Baltimore, MD2


This wonderful sign is part of the past and Baltimore history, but thanks only to a few wonderful photographers like Seth Gaines or Multielvi, or Rick Knight aka Go Cat Go, on FLICKR,(or my crappy little camera shots, most of which I didn't post),  the history will be preserved forever.