Artist Resources: Use YouTube to Promote Yourself

 Hey, I know this guy. What the heck is he doing in a Panda outfit?

You can put videos on YouTube for free. In turn, they can help promote your goods or service. Why should you do this?

  • In the description of your video, you can put a link to your website, product, facebook, twitter, blog or Etsy shop. 
  • What's more, your YouTube profile will also contain links to these key areas. 
  • Now you can take it a step further as our Panda friend did here and put a sign to your product IN THE VIDEO.  
Now, in order to get your video noticed so that your links will be found:

  • You can tweet and add your video to Facebook!
  • Share to other sites and even EMBED it into your blog like I just did.
  • Use good keywords in your video to describe your video.
Crazy, yes, but what do you care if your video or channel goes viral and it gets your product noticed?  If you want this Panda guy to jump around for you, go here and tell him I sent you.