Stamps for Everything by Tyr at TTYR on Etsy: Artist Resources

One of Tyr's works that is now available in her shop.

I happened upon this shop on Etsy (TTYR) and love it, I mean really love it. They are hand carved stamps by Tyr, an artist from China who is living in Stockholm Sweden.  Her designs are cute and quirky and custom stamps, no problem!
Get a stamp of your own face by sending him a picture, only $35 in his shop!
Cute stamps made with your shop logo or Etsy shop name start at $25 and are so cute!
What I find most interesting is her attention to the natural. Her stamps are hand carved and set on natural wood slices, that keeps the "handmade detail" alive.  It takes a small bit of turnaround and mailing to the states, but her work is so spot-on that it's worth the wait. 

Note the natural wood slice to hold the stamp, love, love, love it!
Today I had a little fun with my favorite stamp in her shop making one of those satiric motifake-s.  You know the kind where a picture is worth a thousand words:

Vote for her stamps to WIN here.

So you see, there are so many possiblities!  Tyr keeps it quirky with her trendy "extra T's" which you will find not only in her shop name but in his blog. Hmmm, what is the hidden meaning of that?

SHOP WITH TTYR now - Go and visit her Etsy shop!

Catch up with her here: on her blog "tthisisjusttosay"