Key Lime Bath Soap at Braggin Rights Bath and So Much More

You can't eat it, (but you'll almost want to) - yummy in the tub only $6! I love key lime pie. I love the smell of it , the taste, and texture.  Imagine being able to duplicate that lovely essence into your bath and all around you suds-wise with ZERO CALORIES  with these great bath soaps by Etsy sellerBragginRightsBath!   They have real oatmeal crust and work well as an exfoliating soap.  They are so lovely to look at and would make excellent gifts for family, friends, or co-workers!

Cupcake bombs, no really, you can't eat 'em !
Just when you think that's as good as it gets, dream on.   Look at these "mini cupcake bath bombs!" Drop them in your tub for an all over clean feeling, while the smell of vanilla "flavor" and butter cream icing surrounds will not want to leave the tub.

Goat's milk soap bundles, $6, here!

So just who is behind all this soap?  A creative gal named Tracy out of Brownstown, Michigan. Suffice to say with great prices, attractive and yummy smelling products and great feedback from customers, her products are already being sold in stores across the USA.   I'm not sure if I like the cocoa bath soak or the marshmellow cake soap better......

Marshmellow Rainbow Cake Soap Can you say five bucks what's not to love?

Her online shop is full of handmade Artisan Soap, Bath Bombs, Scrubs, Face Masks, Body Butter, Foot Scrubs, Gifts for Hubby & More! 

I'm adding the following three to my must-get-for-next-gift list:

  • Cinnamon Coffee Infused Salt Scrub
  • All Natural Chocolate Sugar Scrub
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap

Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap
Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap Lemon Eucalyptus Honey Soap
Go here to see this! Excellent for the senses.

So many yummy fragrances:
Banana Cream Pie
Bblueberry Streusel Pie
Cotton Candy
Eskimo Kisses (Scent-sy type)
Jelly Bean
Fresh Picked Strawberries
Sweet Clover Honey!

You can find more out of 100+ growing fragrances on her website here.

What are you waiting for? Visit her Etsy shop now!