Free Italian Music Box, Not Jersey Shore

Here's something that will only grow in value, and it's free, ahhhh yes, 100% free if you enter the contest! You gotta see this :

I guess I'm sort of partial to this lovely little trinket, Many of you would never tell from my nom de plume Ira Mency or real name Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer (thanks to the ex and the present hubby) that I'm actually ITALIAN. That's right, ma familia's name is Vecchio..........and I can tell you that where my family comes from, is nothing like Jersey Shore.  Though I must say I do enjoy watching the Situation and JWoww market themselves, they are very smart in that sense.  Good luck entering the contest. Catch up on Jersey Shore later, because this contest is only open until 2/14/12.


Warning: This box is nothing like Jersey Shore.  This is not a Situation. It's real Italian woodworking, and old world style handed down from generations to generations. Real Swiss Movement. Sorrento style, made in Campania Italy. Imported and adorable. The box will gain value, and they are collectible. Sort of like the Sopranos on DVD, maybe...but Jersey shore, nooooooo way.