Barbie, You're Grounded Tokidoki

Well, it figures with so much controversy about Tokidoki (aka Tattoo'd Up Stripper Shoe "Adult") Barbie, that she's already sold out and ending up on Ebay already. She's pissing off parents everywhere. I'm tired of hearing about her honestly, and I'm just wondering why there is no talk of her putrid pooch! Doesn't anyone notice that it looks like something between Pokeman, a desert cactus, and adult sadomasochist farm movie gone bad? I am not sure what to think. If my kid wanted this $50 Barbie, I think the glitter stripper shoes or the LA Ink style tats all over the neck may take second seat to what they may think is cool for the family pet to be wearing...hey, where is that dog anyways?.....Barbie, you're grounded!