Shoot The Guy Who Shot the Bald Eagle in Western Maryland

Image from National Geographic
Up to a year in jail and $1000 in fines didn't scare some unknown poacher from shooting down a national bird...not just any bird, but none other than the majestic bald eagle!  The original article is here and the DNR really needs your help to identify or find out who did such a dastardly dead.  If you have any information regarding the death of this bird, please call 1-800-635-6124 and report the SOB who did this. So the community has to know who did this. Only an idiot would shoot the bird down and probably the same moron is out there bragging about it.  According to the article on the news, it was found in Evitts Creek  (Cumberland) just west of Rocky Gap Park. So, folks, it's time to shoot that person down, right into the hands of DNR like they did that poor bird!