PR9 Do Follow Sites, Do They Exist ? Artist Resources

Looking for the winning number.
Marketing and SEO Madness
I want to get my sites and my products to the next level.  Sadly, I've learned even with all the marketing skills in the world, the WWW is a different monster than it was ten years ago.  Trying to get your product out there and found in the millions of like-listings and searches is a real chore. How do you beat out people that have better page rank than you and come up higher in the listings?  This is why I've been burying myself into SEO, backlinking and dofollow reading and how-to lately. I'm not paying a dime, just spending a heck of a lot of time on learning all there is to know.
Graphics, catchy logos, and links to your shop don't always help. You need to get the word out there.

Relevancy, social networking and finding sites to link your wares and products into takes a lot of time anymore. Those who are selling their wares and doing well still need to stay on top of their game and push to get to the next level as they don't want to drop in page rank or search results.
Which one is best ? Only Google Knows!

It is hard to spend so much time and effort social networking when people are so busy.  So I was starting to wonder, if do-follow page rank 9 sites do exist aka PR9's.  You know, the kind where you can leave a comment and your web addy and it may back link into your page.  I think if they do, and someone has found them, no one is telling.

I'm sure you know, these are the sites dreams are made of...and if I had one I guess I'd be charging people like most of them do.  Leaving a single comment and if it's relevant and links back to your site , they can take your site up in page rank by a whole number. I've seen them do a few notches. The problem is, finding them.  So for all you PR7-8-9 sites out there, please apply within. For the rest of you, I encourage you to continue using resources such as the ones below to read and understand the importance of backlinking to promote your wares, product or sites.  If you do a little bit here and there, and learn a bit here and there,  over time your blog or shop will increase in page rank, or maintain your high page rank accordingly.
Courtesy: Baseball Training Tehniques.

For those of you who do not know your page rank, go here and type in your blog, or direct web address. Or , your Etsy shop!  If you are are happy being a PR3 or PR4,and think you are untouchable,  think again. This very site was ranked a PR3 for a long time, but Google came through and reranked it a PR2 thanks to my lack of content producing as I was on hiatus for awhile. Additionally, I know a lot of people whose blogs or sites dropped in rank for having not enough content,  too many links or link exchange programs ie: blacklisted.  So I can only tell you to stay on top of your game, as no one is safe in the game of page rank baseball.

So what should you do? 
Produce Relevant Content
Post Often and Appeal to Your Niche Following
Cross Link or Link Exchange with your Friends bogs or shops (but not too many at once)
Build up your Backlinks slowly on key sites.

Here are more key things to read and learn: 
Here is a video on backlinks.
Here is an article that helps you understand backlinks and SEO from Handmadeology.
Here is an article on dofollow backlinks. 
See how many "good" credible sites are linking in, thru Alexa. 
See your total backlinks here at iwebtool (not all are good.)