Old Orchard Beach , Maine's Busy Surf and Sand

Ira Mency Made Electronic Postcard!
I stopped by Old Orchard Beach, Maine on a Monday.  Much to my surprise, by 11am the beach was bustling with people, and most of the sandy spaces were claimed!  The tide was out several hundred feet, leaving only the soft sand at my feet. 
The tide was out far! If you'll notice the only dry sand is up by the buildings. Most of the good spots taken!

They aren't lying when they call it the "finest beach around."  This is due to the fact the sand is fine and there are no jagged shells or rocks. It's all pretty clay-like sand with metallic flecks in it.

The town itself is old, and according to the Maine Office of Tourism, visitors have been coming to the beach for 170 years.  It boasts old amusement type games, lots of great shops, places to eat, and a cool carousel.
Carousel Shot by Ira Mency.
Old style concessions!

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