Sterling Silver : Ana Silver Company's Rise to Success Handmade Love from Bali

I recently bought these four rings from Ana Silver Company, (at auction) for less than you may expect. Here's what I paid (top left) Green Copper Turquoise Ring $20.50, (top right)  Brecciated Mookaite $11.00, (bottom left) Copper Charoite (w/ small side indent in stone) $10.50, (bottom right) Green Copper Turquoise-Carved Face $29.99. 

The silver alone is currently worth that--not to mention the gorgeous craftsmanship. I couldn't help but fall in love with the way in which the Bali designers showcase the natural stones. They highlight them with the silver, instead of the silver overtaking the beauty of the stone.  I also commend the way in which Ana Silver was created.  You can read how they grew their business based on what the customers wanted here, and reached a client base of over 50,000.  I truly feel they'd be selling their rings for a better market value if they opened a shop on Etsy instead of putting them up at auction!  They are indeed handmade with much love!

Ana Silver doesn't sell on Etsy so you should send them a message on Facebook and tell them why they should!   In the meantime, check out some of these primo Etsy finds that are simply lovely!
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Designs by Gina Louise brings you this Charoite pendant.

I have always loved sterling silver--I think from the day I was born.  Silver, much like gold whose value holds true, hit an all time high price last year. The once never desired .925 was up to $42 per ounce.  It's fluctuated between $35-$36 per ounce lately. This means once you are tired of your own silver jewelry, flatware, or the link, you can scrap it.    Time to cash in all those old earrings where you are missing the mate!