Eco Friendly Art Gallery Magazine Launched Finally

I finally launched the Eco Friendly Art Gallery Blog - Magazine Website after all this time....finally tracked town Jean Luc Marques hiding out in Paris.....pinned him down and made him commit to WAAAA LAAAA.....

Check it out HERE!
My goal is to give free exposure to the Eco Artists of the world who use natural, recycled, or upcycled materials in their artwork. This includes fabric, mixed media, sculptures, assemblage, art, you name it. From upcycled paper tags to assemblage made from trash, it will all be there.  But how can it be a magazine then ? Periodically the plan is to publish into e-magazine formats, that was Jean's idea. We'll see how it goes...

As for the rest of the world this is proof that I did follow though on most of my New Years resolutions....this one just took me six months to do.  I'd really like your feedback on the format and set up as I have lots to work on.

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