Tragedy for the Post Office : Soon Everything USPS Will Be Collectible

You can buy this post office building, located in York PA, advertised on LoopNet... 

It's a sad day when I heard through the grapevine that the post office my husband uses for our Post Office box for his business for over 20-something years will be closing soon. Ironically I heard it from my mother in law who heard it from her hairdresser who heard it from the mailman who works there. Needless to say we did not get a 'slip' in our box and this gives us only 3 weeks to relocate the mail and try to send out letters to out bazillion contacts that send us incoming mail. I'm going in there tomorrow to find out why no one told I have time for writing a bazillion letters and standing in line!

old post office doors mixed media artwork
It appears that old postal doors are now being used in assemblage art, this cool mixed media piece, from hijackedceramics!
I don't know how the Postal Service could get themselves into so much financial jeopardy. I'm sure with rising gas prices mixed with payroll costs for employees may not have helped. I'm sure those who have put 20+ years in with high pay and great health care and pensions are worried too--what does all these closures mean for them? I should have known when I heard they asked Mr. Jim the manager to retire early last year.

vintage postal toy
Little mail vehicle, maybe for train garden by machismo
Honestly though, aren't enough people using the mail these days? Sure, people print out electronic postage, but it still has to go to the post office, get sorted and delivered right?  Businesses send bulk mailings, and I sure get a h*ll of a lot of junk mail--my paper mail hasn't been cut down all that much by e-mails.  Ebayers and Etsians print automatic postage labels (Click n Ship) so this still keeps the mailmen and women moving to get it to it's destination.  I know I get a box full of bills in my mailbox, so I wonder just what is it that so many (1000's of) locations are closing?
etsy mailbox
RoyRoadFishCompany on Etsy is ready with mailbox planters...!

The one thing that frustrates me with 2 out of 3 post offices in my local area is the parking. These buildings are set up to only part 5 to 6 cars. Maybe that was "good" for 1940 but what about now? It's hard to get in and out of these buildings, and so in my opinion those dinky ones off the beaten path are the ones that should be closing. Instead, it seems, they are closing one in Rosedale 21237 which is a large one and can hold 40 cars and service that many customers.  I would think if all are operating in a deficit, then close the smaller ones that can't possibly bring you in the business like the larger ones can. To me this doesn't seem logistically correct. So this only begs the question how much longer will our mail system be in tact? Will everything labeled USPS be a collectible someday? Maybe nothing lasts forever, not even forever stamps!

Perhaps you can tell by all the items that are turning up on Etsy and Ebay!

Post Office Antiques on Etsy

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