The Littlearth License Plate Purse : 5 Star Review & You Will Be Remembered Little Earth Productions

Littlearth Purses will get you noticed! Photo: Littlearth Site

I used to go here and there and there again without much notice and I liked it that way. However lately I've been being stopped everywhere and at first I could not figure out why.  Weekdays I go out in old clothes, my hair in a pony tail and lay low without much bling.  People I don't even know come up to me and strike up conversations and ask how I'm doing.  I thought to myself, they must have read my book or ate my husband's famous bbq!   Finally while shopping in the thrift store, a lady approached me who knew me from getting stamps at a post office.  This was the final straw, I asked her how she remembered me from one day at the post office? She said, "Your purse!  I remember that purse!"  Ahhhh, mystery solved.
The Culprit: My purse! I've had it for five years now.
It had not even dawned on me that my old Littlearth aka Little Earth Productions License plate purse with tags from North Carolina was such topic of discussion, but it is.  Everywhere I go, people compliment it or remember it or ask me what the heck it is.  This style has been around for about 15 years now, just about every state!  I thought this was "old news" but I suppose a lot of people haven't seen them around these parts.  Made in the USA, these purses originated in Pittsburgh, PA by Little Earth Productions. The website is Littlearth, no double e's.

Mine has recycled hubcaps form the sides, a license plate on top, recycled rubber for the handle and a pop cap snap closure, what's not to love? If you opened this purse you'd find a bag of change, three lipsticks, foundation, two nail polishes, mascara, cell phone, money scattered everywhere, a stack of credit cards, Secret deodorant, spare tampons, and pencil and paper, still with adequate room for more. Maybe more than you need to know, but the point here is this thing is huge.  Find my style here: The Classic Super Flair.  Average cost about $160, but since mine has lasted 5+ years, I think it's a good deal.  You can find them slightly abused on their site for a huge discount HERE.  I also have heard of people finding them on second hand sites like Ebay and Craigslist around $30-$50 but I caution against this because you don't know if they are authentic and made cheaper than authentic Littlearth quality.  When in doubt call to verify or find an authentic retailer at 1-800-545-3784 9-5 EST.
They run special editions...this one, if the shoe fits...

Worried about what others will think? Don't, I can't tell you how many compliments I get on this purse, at least one a day.  My husband thinks it's cool (how often does that happen where your husband loves your purse?) and wants me to get something from  The NFL Lines

NFL Fender Purses by Littlearth, in some sporting stores like Dick's Sporting Goods!
They've also gotten quite creative and taken ball caps and made them into purses, so it's safe to say it's not just metal anymore....

In retrospect my purse isn't the latest Gucci or Versace but it gets me a ton of use and love and compliments.  I feel good knowing it's made from reyclced components and it's very durable, not to mention great for all ages! in fact I have several from this same company.  Mine include: a now-retired mini cyclone style,  and a NYC flair purse, and this cool soda cap belt, $30 on their site...
Find these here on their site.
Oh, I almost forgot, the one that says LOVE and has rhinestones--which I wear out when I'm more dressed up.....

These available here, as part of the mini flair line.

Some photos courtesy of Littlearth.
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