Etsy Recyclers Guild : Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Puppy Dog Shakers from CharleensCloset.

After careful consideration I resigned myself as Team Captain of the Etsy Recyclers Guild. I don't have enough time anymore to dedicate to being Captain, and after a few years I think the team needs to be invigorated with some fresh new faces. Which is why I am so very happy that Jessica from Eco Friendly Freckles blog and Etsy shop will be stepping up to the plate and taking it over.  She is so full of zest and creativity that I know she will do just wonderfully!  Not to mention she has a dynamic twin sister Andrea of Storybook Artifact on Etsy to help her!  That's a double dose of creativity. I'm so very lucky to have them taking over and so thankful that my old team is going into good hands :) Best of luck to Jessica and Andrea!!!

P.S. Did I mention how creative these two were?
Eco Friendly Freckles aka Jessica's decoupage canisters can be found here.  
Storybook Artifact aka Andrea's lovely oil painted bookmarks simply divine, find them here.