Crab Quarters : Best in Baltimore for Cream of Crab and Steamed Crabs - Ira Mency Eats

I suppose it's a bit frightening to those of you who have ever ate a crab to see us pick apart these scary creatures piece by piece. They sure are delicious--these "Jumbo Colossal from Crab Quarters".
Baltimore is known for it's crabs.  Over the years I've come to frequent just about every crab house and carry out in or around Baltimore searching for the best  Steamed Crabs, and Cream of Crab Soup.  Ironically, I never was big on Maryland Crab soup (to me, it's vegetable soup with crab in it).

I blame this affliction on my beloved mother who ate so many crabs while she was pregnant with me that I came out with a sterling silver crab in my mouth. For a Baltimorian, there's nothing like catching a whiff of steam crab seasoning coming from a crab house on a windy day.  I start to get the jitters.

Crab Quarters 2909 Eastern Boulevard Baltimore, MD 21220-2870
(410) 686-2222
With all the crabs I've ate (I would say tons), the best crabs by far are at Crab Quarters.  This has been "my place to go" for years .  They specialize in good quality crabs, mostly from Maryland, and size matters.  They aren't ever oversteamed and the meat comes out like butter!  At first I thought the seasoning was a bit hotter than most places, but after the second one you are used to it.  You can usually get Large, Extra Large, Jumbo ad Colossal.  If you are lucky Super Colossal or Jumbo Colossal or whatever they wish to call these Gargantuan Big Ass Crabs I got last night, a few select times per year.  You get what you pay for.

Claws Up for Crab Quarters!
As for their Cream of Crab, I have to say it's also my Favorite in Baltimore.  Their cool real cream blend is to die for.  Some of you may go to places and order cream of crab that comes out yellow or chicken-stock based which is not right.  Neither is fully chunky full of flour.  The best Cream of Crab is made with either Heavy Whipping Cream or cream and sherry blends.

Good cream of crab should appear white and creamy -- not too thick or yellow. 
My favorite used to be from Kelly's Pub of Highlandtown, where Mr. Kelly would use a top secret Whipping Cream blend--until he sold and left town to live to live on a farm years back.  I thought I'd never taste that succulent soup again until I found out Crab Quarters has a very similar if not exact recipe.

James Myrick & Staff are lovely to deal with, they've even helped me with the tips to carry my crabs over 800 miles to my family, and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.  My husband loves the oysters on half shell, and my mother in law the Shrimp-Nachos.  My little cousin says the Clams Casino is to die for.  I guess with this place, you can't go wrong. 

Travel Tip:  Anyone coming from North of White Marsh, or Harford County areas, can now take 695 E to the new 43 Extension which drops you out right near Crab Quarters.  This cuts about 30 minutes off the ride, what's not to love?