Buford T. Woo, Basset Hound Ex·tra·or·di·naire

So it looks like my dog could be be the next victim battling cancer in my life. Ironically, he had a tumor in his anal area which we removed, and we will find out Monday, if it's cancerous. If so, it may have infected his pelvic region already.  I find it somewhat ironic I just lost my mother who also had rectal cancer before Christmas. Did I mention that just this week I successfully "graduated" the grief counseling? I think I'll be back in if something happens to the dog. They are like family members aren't they?

Buford T. Woo is my faithful basset.  Needless to say, I am hoping for the best and do know I've given him the best ten years a dog could ask for.  The other dogs are quite upset and seem to sense something is wrong. Let's hope not.